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Before the Fall

 Before the Fall is an excellent novel.  The craziness and fragility of life, with it's synchronicities, and sometimes inexplicable consequences and joys are all wrapped up in a single desperate moment.  There are no accidents.A private plane chartered by the mega rich and equally famous, plummets into the ocean, just minutes into it's flight from Martha's Vineyard to New York.  Left injured yet swimming, is Scott Burroughs, an artist of unrecognized status.  He is towing the only other survivor, the ... More

Stalker - A Joona Linna Thriller

 Those who enjoy nordic noir mysteries will find the fifth installment of the Joona Linna series by Lars Kepler to be a good read. The good thing is you do not have to be familiar with the previous four books in the series to appreciate Stalker though I am sure it makes figuring out who's who a lot easier. Being unfamiliar with the series,  I enjoyed Stalker but got a bit lost in the many secondary and tertiary characters ... More

15th Affair - A Women s Murder Club Mystery

 15th Affair is the new Women's Murder Club novel by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro.  It begins with a homicide at the Four Seasons Hotel.  The last person to see the victim alive is unidentified, and missing.  No fingerprints are found at the scene, and two additional bodies are discovered in the next room.  This is only the beginning. Are the murders connected?  Who are the targets?  It is up to Sergeant Lindsay Boxer to find out. The ... More

Maigret Sets a Trap

 It will take most viewers a bit of time to buy Mr. Bean Rowan Atkinson as George Simenon's Maigret in Maigret Sets a Trap. Although I know films are not filmed sequentially, I got the impression Atkinson himself had problems embodying the famous French detective and relied a lot on the character's pipe to anchor Maigret as a character.Maigret Sets a Trap has the detective under enormous pressure after four women were murdered in Montmartre. To make this clear to ... More

The Girl From Home

 Adam Mitzner's latest psychological thriller is The Girl From Home.The things we do for love...The Girl From Home begins with Jonathan Caine contemplating his life from a jail cell.  He is a man who embodies success.  He has power, an enviable income, a gorgeous model-material wife, and all the accoutrements of a life on display, where everything he desires is at his fingertips.  Money is no object.   He revels in it.  He aspires for more.  More status.  More money.  More ... More

If I Run

 If I Run is a well-written and engaging thriller by best selling Christian fiction writer Terri Blackstock.Casey Cox is on the run.  There are no ifs ands or buts about it.  She is in serious trouble.  Her best friend Brent is the victim of a bloody murder which nobody has even remotely attempted to conceal.  All immediate and obvious crime scene evidence points to Casey.  Her prints and DNA are everywhere.  Maybe she just snapped.  No stranger to the law, ... More

Hamish Macbeth - Death of a Nurse

 Reading at least one Hamish Macbeth mystery by M.C. Beaton is pretty much a must if you are a fan of the genre. Beaton has created an interesting and original cozy series about the adventures of a policeman in the village of Lochdubh in northern Scotland. Death of a Nurse is the 32nd book in the series and as good a place to start enjoying the series.In this installment, Police Sergeant Hamish Macbeth investigates the death of a young nurse ... More

The Killing Forest

 The Killing Forest is the latest thriller from Denmark's “Queen of Crime”, Sara Blaedel.  Although there are several novels in this popular Louise Rick series, only the last two are listed on Blaedel's English language website.  It appears that not all of her previous novels have been translated.Having taken time to recover from a traumatic event, Louise Rick returns to the National Police to lead the Special Search Agency dealing with missing persons and criminal activity.  She is assigned to ... More

The Newsmakers

 The Newsmakers by former federal prosecutor Lis Wiehl (with Sebastian Stuart) is an interesting and compelling mystery/drama that focuses on television news media.Erica Sparks is a spitfire; a young, attractive journalist who has overcome the odds of a tumultuous past.  Aggressive, yet curious and compassionate, and determined to find success and notoriety on the TV screens of the nation, she searches for human interest stories that pique curiosity.Green to the field, she is thrilled to be handpicked and hired by ... More

Cross Justice - An Alex Cross Mystery

 I was a Patterson fan at the beginning of the Alex Cross series. I then lost interest in this mystery series. Cross Justice, the 2015 instalment of the long-running saga is a decent read but not going to make me go back to Patterson.The premise is interesting. A relative is accused of a horrible crime so Alex Cross returns to the small North Carolina town where he grew up and which is the source of all his family drama. While ... More

Even Dogs in the Wild - A Rebus Mystery

 It is hard to believe but Even Dogs in the Wild, the twenty-first Rebus mystery is my first crack at Ian Rankin. Here, Rebus is retired but a case involving an old nemesis named Big Ger Cafferty has Siobhan Clarke calling him in for some assistance. Once a cop, always a cop so soon Rebus is neck deep into investigating a series of seemingly unrelated killings.You do not need to be familiar in any way with Rankin's Rebus series to ... More

Crimson Shore - A Pendergast Novel

 The Cask of Amontillado meets The Hound of the Baskervilles and horror meets thriller in Crimson Shore in the fifteenth mystery featuring the very odd and enigmatic Aloysius Pendergast. Fans of the series are going to willingly go along for the ride though those new to it would be better off starting with one of the earliest Preston & Child novels like Reliquary or The Cabinet of Curiosities.Pendergast and protegee Constance Greene go to Massachusetts witch country to investigate a ... More