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The Wrong Side of Goodbye - A Harry Bosch Novel

 In The Wrong Side of Goodbye detective Harry Bosch is hired by a billionaire to find out if he has an heir and also works for the San Fernandino PD and discovers there is a serial rapist on the loose. This being a Michael Connelly mystery it is of course excellent. One of the many reasons for this is Coonnelly knows his readers are intelligent so he occasionally leaves a subtle tell that keeps them a step ahead of Bosch ... More

Woman of God - with Maxine Paetro

 The prologue of Woman of God, is set “20 years from now”.  It is Easter Sunday.  Amidst great stirrings and controversy, a new pope is about to be chosen.  The rumour is, she could be a woman.Woman of God, by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro follows Brigid Fitzgerald, a church-loving woman who has her faith tested by many trials and tragedies that occur during her life.  From her challenging upbringing, to her selfless doctoring in the war-ravaged Sudan, she experiences ... More

Murder at the House of Rooster Happiness

 Murder at the House of Rooster Happiness is the debut novel by David Casarett, MD.  It is the first in a series about The Ethical Chaing Mai Detective Agency rooted in Thailand, where Ladarat Patalung is the nurse ethicist at Sriphat Hospital.  Right before a crucial government inspection, Khun Ladarat is approached by police detective Wiriya Mookjai.  He needs her access to hospital records.  Apparently, it is not the first time that the same woman has brought a dead husband ... More

Razor Girl

 Carl Hiaasen is the master of Florida weird; the over the top comic small-time crime novel. Any Hiaasen novel guarantees a wild ride with lots of bizarre characters and turns of events and Razor Girl does not disappoint. Razor Girl is Merry Mansfield who is an expert at rear-ending target vehicles while shaving her cooch. The novel begins with her hitting the wrong vehicle and this gets Hollywood agent Lane Coolman in trouble. Lane Coolman is in Florida to find ... More

Rise The Dark

Rise the Dark begins in Montana during late winter, when heavy wet snowfalls can still cripple a community.Sabrina Baldwin and her husband Jay are relaxing in the comforts of their new home in Red Lodge, when the lights flicker, and then go dark.  An expert in high voltage power lines, Jay must suit up to locate and rectify the problem.  After he leaves, Sabrina is confronted by a strange, frightening man who has gained silent entry to her house.  Unknown ... More

The Nice Guys

 The Nice Guys is an adroit balance of  film noir and buddy comedy. It stars Russel Crowe and Ryan Gosling as two detectives who must partner up if they are to either get revenge or find the girl. It is one of those movies you end up watching on a regular basis because it is so bloody good and there are lots of little gags and details you missed the last few times.Holland March (Gossling) is a single dad down ... More

The Plea

 The Plea is the second in a series of Eddie Flynn legal thrillers by Belfast born lawyer Steve Cavanagh.Having read—and reviewed—Cavanagh's debut novel The Defence (see link at the bottom of this review), I wanted to see how The Plea would stack up.  I was generally very happy with the result.Murder, blackmail, and larceny.  At a robust 560 pages, The Plea features Eddie Flynn, a clever, quick thinking former con artist who now employs his unique set of skills as ... More

The Second Girl

 The Second Girl is another good thriller from Mulholland Books, the thriller imprint for Little, Brown and Company that includes The Bayou Trilogy by Daniel Woodrell, Lawrence Block's A Drop of the Hard Stuff, and the excellent Fun & Games by Duane Swierczynski to name a few.Frankie Marr is staking out a house used by drug runners. He wants to time his break-in with the moment the house is left unguarded as he plans to take their stash and cash. ... More

The Defence

 The Defence was first published in 2015 and and is out in paperback this year to whet a reader's appetite for Steve Cavanagh's s next thriller The Plea.The Defence begins in an exciting fashion, with hustler turned lawyer, Eddie Flynn being detained by the Russian mob.  This sets the reader up for an exciting voyage.  Flynn is literally wired to blow unless he can secure the release of mob boss Olek Volchek, who is on trial for ordering a murder.  ... More

Before the Fall

 Before the Fall is an excellent novel.  The craziness and fragility of life, with it's synchronicities, and sometimes inexplicable consequences and joys are all wrapped up in a single desperate moment.  There are no accidents.A private plane chartered by the mega rich and equally famous, plummets into the ocean, just minutes into it's flight from Martha's Vineyard to New York.  Left injured yet swimming, is Scott Burroughs, an artist of unrecognized status.  He is towing the only other survivor, the ... More

Stalker - A Joona Linna Thriller

 Those who enjoy nordic noir mysteries will find the fifth installment of the Joona Linna series by Lars Kepler to be a good read. The good thing is you do not have to be familiar with the previous four books in the series to appreciate Stalker though I am sure it makes figuring out who's who a lot easier. Being unfamiliar with the series,  I enjoyed Stalker but got a bit lost in the many secondary and tertiary characters ... More

15th Affair - A Women s Murder Club Mystery

 15th Affair is the new Women's Murder Club novel by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro.  It begins with a homicide at the Four Seasons Hotel.  The last person to see the victim alive is unidentified, and missing.  No fingerprints are found at the scene, and two additional bodies are discovered in the next room.  This is only the beginning. Are the murders connected?  Who are the targets?  It is up to Sergeant Lindsay Boxer to find out. The ... More