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Mystery Books

Jeff Abbott - Blame: Blame is an exciting new thriller by Jeff Abbott.

Megan Abbott - The End of Everything: Very original thriller narrated by thirteen year old. Nothing else like this one.

Will Adams - The Alexander Cipher: Good mystery novel but not a light read.

Richard Aleas - Songs of Innocence a John Blake Mystery: Very original and very good paperback mystery novel.

Kate Atkinson - One Good Turn: One Good Turn is one twisted mystery novel

Russell Atwood - Losers Live Longer - Hard Case Crime: Down on his luck private eye must solve murder of mentor and find a beautiful babe or two. Classic crime novel pulp fiction style

Federico Axat - Kill the Next One: What an imaginative read; a psychological thrill ride!

Sarah Bailey - The Dark Lake: Detective Sargent Gemma Woodstock leads a complicated life in a small Australian community She is a rugged and dedicated law enforcement officer, in addition to being a mother, and lover. Her near obsession with a murder victim seems to extend beyond normal police work.

John H Baillie - Midnight's Delight:

David Baldacci - Deliver Us From Evil: 2 agents have the same target in lesser thriller

David Baldacci - Deliver Us From Evil - A Shaw Thriller:

David Baldacci - End Game - A Will Robie thriller: The head of a mysterious government agency disappears and its best agents, Will Robie and Jessica Reel have to find him at all costs.

David Baldacci - First Family - A Sean King / Michelle Maxwell mystery: Very good mystery novel with a very interesting baddie.

David Baldacci - Hell s Corner - A Camel Club Mystery: A good one even if the Camel Club are props more than anything else.

David Baldacci - Simple Genius - A Sean King / Michelle Maxwell Mystery: Convoluted plot with not much of a payoff. For real Baldacci fans only.

David Baldacci - Stone Cold - A Camel Club Mystery: Third Camel Club mystery novel: not bad, not great.

David Baldacci - The Camel Club: The first Camel Club mystery, a series that should be read in order.

David Baldacci - The Collectors - A Camel Club mystery: Second The Camel Club mystery, The Collectors, is very good.

David Baldacci - The Forgotten: Second and more assured John Puller mystery

David Baldacci - The Innocent: Hitman and runaway teen have to figure out who is out to get them in excellent thriller.

David Baldacci - The Whole Truth: geopolitical thriller. Not his best.

David Baldacci - True Blue: Decent enough mystery but not decent enough for this writer.

David Baldacci - Zero Day: Good thriller introduces new character John Puller

Jack Batten - Straight No Chaser: Straight No Chaser is an okay enough read. If you like a slow build and a big finale

Belinda Bauer - Blacklands: very impressive debut mystery novel

Josh Bazell - Beat the Reaper: Excellent first novel features former hit man now a doctor

M.C. Beaton - Hamish Macbeth - Death of a Dreamer: A scottish highlands social more than a mystery.

M.C. Beaton - Hamish Macbeth - Death Of A Gentle Lady: Better than the previous Hamish Macbeth mystery I read.

M.C. Beaton - Hamish Macbeth - Death of a Nurse: A local golddigging nurse is found dead. The bodies then start piling up in another fun cozy

M.C. Beaton - Hamish MacBeth - Death of a Witch: My favorite of recent Hamish MacBeth mystery novels

Jessica Beck - Glazed Murder - A Donut Shop Mystery: Big hole for the plot

James Scott Bell - Try Dying: Bell would have been better off to choose an either/or scenario to consurrent stories to showcase his talent.

Lauren Beukes - Broken Monsters: Great villain lost in too many secondary characters and plot elements.

C.L. Bevill - Bubba and the Dead Woman: Fun good old boy mystery available free

Terri Blackstock - If I Run: In this engaging and hard to put down thriller, questions of good and evil are illustrated, as are those of personal choice, strength, maintaining faith in the midst of adversity, and standing up for what is right.

Sara Blaedel - The Killing Forest: Having taken time to recover from a traumatic event, Louise Rick returns to the National Police to lead the Special Search Agency dealing with missing persons and criminal activity. She is assigned to investigate the disappearance of Sune, a 15 year-old boy believed to be in distress about the impending loss of his terminally ill mother.

Sara Blaedel - The Undertaker s Daughter: A mystery novel without much of a mystery and where the murder is solved by very secondary characters makes for a strange read.

Daniel Blake - City of the Dead: Good but not as good as the plot promises.

Peter Blauner - Slipping Into Darkness: Decent mystery about a wrongly convicted man and the cop who set him up.

Robert Bloch - Spiderweb: Self-help guru and confidence man rebels against his handler

Lawrence Block - A Drop of the Hard Stuff - A Matthew Scudder Mystery: High Low Jack gets himself killed doing his 4th step, Matt Scudder investigates

Lawrence Block - All The Flowers Are Dying - A Matthew Scudder Mystery: An innocent man is put to death but one psychologist believes in the mans innocence. Meanwhile back in Manhattan Matt Scudder is investigating a new and mysterious boyfriend for a friend of his in the program. That these two paths intersect is only the beginning of another fine addition to the Scudder legend.

Lawrence Block - Grifter's Game: Hard Case Crime is a new imprint for fans of the mystery novel.

Lawrence Block - Hit and Run - A Keller Mystery: Decent yarn if you are willing to suspend disbelief

Lawrence Block - Hit Me - A Keller Thriller: Fifth in the Keller series and a good, comfortable read

Lawrence Block - Killing Castro:

Lawrence Block - The Burglar On The Prowl:

Giles Blunt - Blackfly Season - a John Cardinal Mystery: Enjoyable, well written, not for the faint of heart mystery set in Canada

Dale Bogard - Pardon My Body - Harlequin Vintage Collection: Not particularly good pulp fiction reissue.

Michael Boughn - Business As Usual: Botany professor and boyfriend investigate wine country mystery

Melissa Bourbon Ramirez - Bare-Naked Lola: Fun, lightweight mystery. Third in series.

Laura Bradley - Sprayed Stiff - A Hair-Raising Mystery: Decent lightweight cozy

Sandra Brannan - In The Belly of Jonah - A Liv Bergen Mystery: Good first mystery novel.

Sandra Brannan - Widow s Might: begins with detailed chilling imagery that compels you to get reading.

DC Brod - Getting Lucky: a clever, nicely staged, sometimes humourous, and enjoyable read

Sandra Brown - Deadline: one of the best mystery novels I have read this year.

Sandra Brown - Lethal: a complex and intriguing mystery until the book skids off into Harlequinland

James Lee Burke - The Glass Rainbow - A Dave Robicheaux Mystery: Like any other late in the series book, it basically repeats itself.

M.R. Carey - The Girl With All the Gifts: The Girl With All the Gifts is an interesting story. It explores the concepts of love and loyalty, and what makes us human, within an apocalyptic context of carnage and destruction. It evokes emotion, and sentiment. At times it is brutal and shocking.

Mike Carey - The Devil You Know: A horror / gothic novel that is mostly a mystery.

David Casarett - Murder at the House of Rooster Happiness: First in a series about The Ethical Chaing Mai Detective Agency rooted in Thailand where Ladarat Patalung is the nurse ethicist at Sriphat Hospital.

Steve Cavanagh - The Plea: Murder, blackmail, and larceny. At a robust 560 pages, The Plea features Eddie Flynn, a clever, quick thinking former con artist who now employs his unique set of skills as a crackerjack lawyer who can ferret out the truth and outsmart just about anyone.

Chris Cavender - A Slice of Murder - A Pizza Lover s Mystery: Fun but chatty cozy. Better if you do not ask too many questions while reading.

Joelle Charbonneau - Murder For Choir - A Glee Club Mystery: The mystery niche in this case is the cutthroat world of high school choir competitions.

James Hadley Chase - I'll Bury My Dead: Well-off Nick English tries to discover who bumped off his loser brother and a bunch of other bodies.

Lee Child - 61 Hours - A Jack Reacher Novel: Jack Reacher is trapped in a small town under lockdown and snowed in while a drug lord makes arrangements to kill a witness.

Lee Child - Bad Luck and Trouble - A Jack Reacher Novel: Do not mess with the special investigators takes on a whole new meaning when Calvin Franz turns up dead and Jack Reacher takes on the case.

Lee Child - Echo Burning - A Jack Reacher Novel: Jack Reacher is wandering through Texas and gets picked up by a beautiful woman looking to hire a killer.

Lee Child - Gone Tomorrow - A Jack Reacher Novel: Reacher thinks he is dealing with a suicide bomber on a train but he is only half right and comes up against an enemy as strong and clever as he is.

Lee Child - Killing Floor - A Jack Reacher Novel: When Jack Reacher wanders into the town of Margrave he is quickly arrested on suspicion of murdered and the strength of an unimpeachable eyewitness.

Lee Child - Nothing To Lose - A Jack Reacher Novel: Jack Reacher finds himself moving between Hope and Despair while trying to figure out why he is being kicked out of the township of Despair Colorado.

Lee Child - One Shot - A Jack Reacher Novel: Jack Reacher investigates a sniper shooting in which a former Army sniper is accused of being the sniper. All the evidence is there but something is not quite right.

Lee Child - Persuader - A Jack Reacher Novel: Jack Reacher finds himself chasing a ghost and living with one of the biggest dealers on the eastern seaboard while doing the scut work for the DEA.

Lee Child - Running Blind - A Jack Reacher Novel: When Jack Reacher inadvertently draws the F.B.I.s attention while dispensing his own brand of justice he finds himself a suspect in an ongoing F.B.I. investigation that he must either solve or resign himself to prison.

Lee Child - The Affair - A Jack Reacher Novel: Still with the 110th Jack Reacher is sent undercover to Carters Crossing to investigate the death of a local woman that may have met her fate at the hands of a soldier.

Lee Child - The Enemy - A Jack Reacher Novel: When a two star general from Amoured division dies in a seedy motel almost 300 miles from where he ought to be Jack Reacher gets the call to look into things.

Lee Child - The Hard Way - A Jack Reacher Novel: Jack Reacher helps find the kidnapped wife and child of a mercenary

Lee Child - Tripwire - A Jack Reacher Novel: When a private eye finds Reacher in Key West then suddenly turns up dead Reacher becomes interested in why the man was looking for him in the first place.

Lee Child - Without Fail - A Jack Reacher Novel: Jack Reacher takes the job to kill the Vice-President of the United States - kind of.

Lee Child - Worth Dying For - A Jack Reacher Novel: It is the Duncan s versus Jack Reacher in the middle of a Nebraska county they control with an iron fist. It is irresistible force meets immovable object.

Lincoln Child - Death Match: When the perfect matches made by a dating service start dying the company hires a former FBI forensic psychiatrist to get to the bottom of the problem.

Ron Chudley - Act of Evil - A Hal Bannatyne Mystery: The right elements are present in this mystery but a tighter focus would have made a more effective and entertaining story.

Marcia Clark - Guilt by Association: Reasonably good first crime fiction novel.

Marcia Clark - Killer Ambition - A Rachel Knight Novel: Rachel Knight investigates the death of the daughter of a movie mogul

Blaise Clement - Cat Sitter on a Hot Tin Roof: a very entertaining murder mystery

Blaise Clement - Curiosity Killed The Cat Sitter - Dixie Hemingway Mystery: Fun lightweight cozy cat lovers will especially appreciate

Harlan Coben - No Second Chance: When Marc Seidmen finally comes to after being shot in the chest and head he is stunned to discover his wife is dead and his daughter is missing.

Harlan Coben - The Woods: While prosecuting a rape case the twenty year old case of his sister's murder resurfaces to wreak havoc on Paul Copeland's life.

Jeffrey Cohen - A Night at the Operation - A Double Feature Mystery: Second run movie theatre owner becomes amateur detective in lightweight series.

Martina Cole: The evolution of an Irish mobster. A bit long.

Max Allan Collins - Deadly Beloved - A Ms. Tree Mystery: Ms. Tree graphic novel makes great transition to real book format.

Max Allan Collins - The First Quarry: First in the hard boiled Quarry series makes you want to read the rest.

Michael Connelly - Crime Beat: An interesting read for true crime fans.

Michael Connelly - Echo Park: The best Michael Connelly mystery to date and that is saying a lot.

Michael Connelly - Nine Dragons - A Harry Bosch Mystery: The lesser Harry Bosch mystery.

Michael Connelly - The Black Box - A Harry Bosch mystery: This time Bosch investigates a case dating back to the L.A. riots. Good but not great.

Michael Connelly - The Black Ice - A Harry Bosch Mystery: Second in the series. Brilliant, of course.

Michael Connelly - The Brass Verdict - A Mickey Haller / Harry Bosch Mystery: 20th Connelly mystery brings Mickey Haller and Harry Bosch together with a bang (from a revolver)

Michael Connelly - The Brass Verdict - October 2008: A lawyer s murder brings Harry Bosch and Lincoln lawyer Mickey Haller together.

Michael Connelly - The Burning Room: You simply cannot put it down.

Michael Connelly - The Concrete Blonde: This third Harry Bosch mystery is solid.

Michael Connelly - The Crossing - A Harry Bosch Novel: The Crossing, the twenty-second Harry Bosch, represents a major change in the life of Connelly s foremost character.

Michael Connelly - The Drop - A Harry Bosch Mystery: Decent enough Connelly but not up to usual standards

Michael Connelly - The Drop - J. Curran review: Although not one of Connelly’s mind blowers from start to finish, The Drop is definitely a good solid read.

Michael Connelly - The Fifth Witness - April 2011: A solid (of course) Mickey Haller mystery

Michael Connelly - The Fifth Witness - J. Curran Review - April 2011: Third Mickey Haller mystery. This reviewer was not as impressed as the other one was.

Michael Connelly - The Gods of Guilt - Mickey Haller Novel: The Lincoln Lawyer takes a case that propels him along a journey to face the demons of his past and present.

Michael Connelly - The Late Show - A Renee Ballard Mystery: There is a new kid in town. Dog lover, and surfer by day, Detective Renee Ballard is a tough, tenacious, no-nonsense loner who works the late shift in Hollywood. Due to unsubstantiated accusations thrown at a superior officer, she is not exactly on the warm and fuzzy list of her fellow officers. With limited trust running both ways, her investigations are often solo.

Michael Connelly - The Overlook: Yet another great Harry Bosch mystery

Michael Connelly - The Overlook - Another Review: The usual solid and captivating mystery by a master.

Michael Connelly - The Reversal - October 2010: Detective Harry Bosh, Mickey Haller, and their exes on the same case.

Michael Connelly - The Scarecrow: Jack McEvoy of The Poet is back in yet another excellent Connelly mystery.

Michael Connelly - The Wrong Side of Goodbye - A Harry Bosch Novel: Harry Bosch is hired by a billionaire to find out if he has an heir and also works for the San Fernandino PD and discovers there is a serial rapist on the loose. This being a Michael Connelly mystery it is of course excellent.

Michael Connelly - Two Kinds of Truth - A Harry Bosch Mystery: It is a Connelly, of course it is great

Michael Cormany - Lost Daughter: The first Dan Kruger novel has former cop Dan Kruger investigating a missing persons case that turns into a multiple murder.

Robert Crais - The Elvis Cole Mystery Series and The Monkey's Raincoat: A series that starts out as a Parker / Spenser lookalike and evolves into its own thing.

Robert Crais - The First Rule - the second Joe Pike Novel: The first rule any criminal within the range of Joe Pike should know is: do not piss Joe Pike off.

Robert Crais - The Sentry -the third Joe Pike novel: a superb mystery well worth your time.

Robert Crais - The Watchman -the first Joe Pike novel: Joe Pike pays up on an outstanding marker only to find himself protecting a girl who can t even be protected by the U.S. government and the Marshall s service.

Michael Crichton - State of Fear: what happens when environmentalists are lead by lawyers who are more interested in results than they are in the facts?

David Cristofano - The Girl She Used To Be: Woman in Witness Relocation Program decides enough is enough.

Chris Culver - The Abbey - An Ash Rashid Novel: Very good first mystery novel

Jefferey Deaver - Manhattan Is My Beat: The mystery novel equivalent of watching paint dry.

Jefferey Deaver - The Burial Hour - A Lincoln Rhyme Novel: Rhyme is a forensic scientist who acts as a consultant on criminal investigations. NYPD Detective Amelia Sachs is his fiancee and fellow investigator. They are about to embark on their rather unusual destination wedding when they are called on to help with a kidnapping case, wherein a small noose is left as a chilling calling card.

Jefferey Deaver - The Skin Collector - A Lincoln Rhyme novel: Serial killer matches wits with detective in solid thriller with a few novel twists.

Ted Dekker - The Bride Collector:

Nelson DeMille - Radiant Angel - a John Corey novel: Bond-like thriller where hero John Corey must stop nefarious plan.

Nelson DeMille - The Quest: An interesting and exciting adventure about a quest for the Holy Grail but a bit long. Expanded from the 1975 version

Nelson DeMille - Wild Fire: John Corey risks life and limb and the lives of millions of Americans to find the killer of his partner.

Diana Dempsey - Ms. America and the Offing on Oahu - Free Kindle book: Excellent and free summer mystery and cozy

Tim Dorsey - Cadillac Beach: A very very wild comic mystery.

Brendan DuBois - Dead Sand - A Lewis Cole Mystery: Decent enough first mystery in series

Robert Dugoni - Bodily Harm: Very good and original mystery around a toy manufactured in China killing children, the manufacturer, and a contract killer.

Robert Dugoni - Damage Control: Good, solid mystery if you do not mind an American movie style ending.

John Dunning - The Sign of the Book - A Cliff Janeway Bookman Mystery: When Erica's best friend is accused of murder Cliff Janeway sets out to find out who the real killer is.

Warren Ellis - Gun Machine: When detective John Tallow runs across an immense cache of gun in NYCs first precinct it starts the ball rolling on one of the most bizarre cases the NYC has ever seen.

Linda Fairstein - The Bone Vault: The Bone Vault is a little long. The price of $34.99 (Cdn)/$30.99 (US) for not even a hard cover seems steep.

John Farris - Baby Moll: Mallory is forced back in the fold when his former boss is threatened. Not the best in this series.

Christa Faust - Choke Hold - Hard Case Crime: Second Angel Dare thriller and excellent, fast-paced read.

Christa Faust - Money Shot: Broad believed to be dead avenges herself and kicks ass on every page. My favorite Hard Case Crime mystery.

Zoe Ferraris - City of Veils: Sometimes terrifyingly brutal; sometimes tender, and always interesting, City of Veils is the book to read.

Elena Forbes - Die With Me: Sub par serial killer British mystery novel

Dick Francis - Under Orders: Sid Halley returns to the bookshelf in an intense investigation of race fixing, Internet gambling and murder.

David Freed - Flat Spin: First mystery. Take a chance on a next one but not this time.

Lawrence Friedman - Death of a One-Sided Man: I would not hurry to the bookstore

Lawrence Friedman - The Book Club Murder: The writing itself, however, leaves much to be desired.

Robert Galbraith - The Cuckoo s Calling: The Cuckoo s Calling however wasn t as entertaining as this reader expected.

Victor Gischler - The Pistol Poets: If you enjoy the comic mystery this one works.

Susan Glickman - Safe As Houses: Not original enough to be interesting and not interesting enough to be original.

Joel Gordonson - The Atwelle Confession: More of an eventual light horror novel than a mystery per se, The Atwelle Confession is a quick and easy read.

Lucretia Grindle - The Lost Daughter: American student in Florence disappears, followed by another family member.

Andrew Gross - Don't Look Twice: Ty Hauck has moved on to Greenwich, Connecticut to pursue his career and with any luck a new life. In the blink of an eye and the spray of machine gun fire the peaceful community is put on edge by a drive by shooting that just misses Ty and his daughter and the hunt is on to find the perpetrators.

Andrew Gross - The Dark Tide: What do a terrorist attack in NYC and a hit and run in Greenwich, Conn have to do with each other? Nothing it would seem, until Ty Hauck starts looking into things.

Bryan Gruley - The Skeleton Box: The Skeleton Box is easily a recommended mystery.

Bob Hamer - The Last Undercover: The True Story of an FBI Agent's Dangerous Dance With Evil: Pretty good true crime autobiography

Pete Hamill - Tabloid City: a novel: 24 hours, the people, a murder. Buy it. Borrow it. Read it.

Donald Hamilton - The Wrecking Crew: Matt Helm gets sent to Stockholm to track down and assassinate an agent named Caselius.

Ian Hamilton - The Water Rat of Wanchai - An Ava Lee Novel: Good enough first entry in series of financial thrillers

Rick Hanson - Mortal Remains - An Adam McCleet Mystery: Fans of Carl Hiassen and Kinky Friedman will enjoy Rick Hanson

Noah Hawley - Before the Fall: Before the Fall is an excellent novel.

Jason Hewitt - The Dynamite Room: a decent choice as a library book. I d wait for Hewitt s next if I was spending money.

Carl Hiaasen - Basket Case: Obituary journalist investigates death of rock star. Not as wild as most Hiaasen mysteries.

Carl Hiaasen - Lucky You: Another wild and weird tale by Hiaasen but not his best

Carl Hiaasen - Nature Girl: Another offbeat though not a mystery Hiaasen fest of weird comic novel

Carl Hiaasen - Razor Girl: Razor Girl is Merry Mansfield who is an expert at rear-ending target vehicles while shaving her cooch. Hiaasen is the master of the comic weird crime novel.

Carl Hiaasen - Skinny Dip: The usual Hiaasen comic mystery but not quite as good

Carl Hiaasen - Star Island: A hard slog even for Hiaasen fans

Jennifer Hillier - Freak: Good second novel, having read the prequel is not necessary.

Chris Holm - The Killing Kind: one hell of a good read. It is a quick-paced story of a hitman with who kills other hitmen but then becomes the target of another hitter.

Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler - The Crimes of Paris: Excellently told story that includes the birth of the mystery novel, cubism, and some art history.

David Hosp - Among Thieves: Someone is killing Boston mobster with tie-in to great art robbery

David Hosp - Dark Harbor: Very good and original whodunit.

David Hosp - Innocence: Third Hosp mystery novel and a good read.

David Hosp - The Betrayed: This mystery could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

D.C. Iannuzzi - City of Sinners: An apparent terrorist threat puts detective Johnny Emory on the spot to find the bombs before they go off.

D.C. Iannuzzi - Penance Is For The Weak: police story set in Montreal

Joe Ide - IQ: If you are looking for a unique and edgy crime/mystery novel, Joe Ide s debut book may be the one.

Ed Ifkovic - Make Believe - An Edna Ferber Mystery: Hollywood screenwriter Edna Ferber gets caught up in her fourth mystery with guest appearances by Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner

Lilian Jackson Braun - The Cat Who Sang For The Birds: Fun cozy mystery

Quintin Jardine - Game Over- A Bob Skinner Mystery: this mystery will please the author s long-time fans.

Elizabeth Jennings - Pursuit: Mystery thriller meets bodice ripper

Iris Johanssen - Fatal Tide: a compelling mix of murder, adventure and psychological twists

A.G.S. Johnson - The Sausage Maker s Daughters: Smooth, interesting, and well written, The Sausage Maker s Daughter is an entertaining read, and highly recommended.

Jonathan Kellerman - Gone - Jonathan Kellerman: A way below par Alex Delaware mystery novel.

Jonathan Kellerman - Obsession - An Alex Delaware Mystery: Sucks

Jonathan Kellerman - Rage: A pretty decent mystery in the Alex Delaware series by Jonathan Kellerman

Jonathan Kellerman - Twisted: A drive by shooting develops into a complicated and twisted story.

Christobel Kent - The Day She Disappeared: There were pros and cons to The Day She Disappeared. Although I am sure that it will be loved by many of Christobel Kent s followers and fans, it was not entirely my cup of tea.

Kathleen Kent - The Dime: Between the police work and the action, The Dime explores Betty s history, the relationships with her colleagues, as well as her partner Jackie and the struggles with Jackie s family. Betty is complicated and not easy. She is anything but one dimensional.

Lars Kepler - Stalker - A Joona Linna Thriller: Detective Margo Silverman receives a video made from outside a woman s window. This is the second such video. The first one has been connected to the murder of another woman. The videos and murders escalate while Silverman tries to figure out the motive and the killer.

Diana Killian - Dial Om For Murder: a yoga mystery: your mind goes blank while you read

Sheila Kindellan-Sheehan - Cutting Corners: The accidental death of Caitlin's brother puts the two C's back into investigative action to try and discover the person behind his death.

Sheila Kindellan-Sheehan - The Sands Motel: Carmen and Caitlin find themselves in a difficult position when a couple of million dollars falls right into their laps.

Laurie R. King - A Monstrous Regiment Of Women - A Mary R. Russell Mystery: Benefactors at The New Temple in God are dying mysteriously and it is up to Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes to find out who is behind the killings.

Laurie R. King - O Jerusalem: Russell and Holmes find themselves in Palestine working for Mycroft to solve a problem that could upset the British occupation of Palestine.

Laurie R. King - The Bee Keeper's Apprentice: When Sherlock Holmes meets a 15 year old girl who could be his intellectual equal a surprising friendship and inevitable crime solving results.

Laurie R. King - The Game: Russell and Holmes go to India to try and track down missing agent Kimball O'Hara

Stephen King - The Colorado Kid: Don't judge a book by its cover.

Thomas King - The Red Power Murders: Thumps DreadfulWater has never liked surprises—even the goodones are annoying, he thinks. So it’s no shock that a string of seeminglyrandom occurrences is causing Thumps some real discomfort.

Matthew Klein - Con Ed: Who's conning who in this solid thriller.

Charles Knief - Diamond Head - A John Caine Mystery: Echoes of Travis McGee but pretty original and interesting mystery.

Jean Hanff Korelitz - You Should Have Known: The year is young, but this is the best novel I have read to date.

Michael Koryta - Last Words: Investigator tries to solve twenty-year-old murder at the request of the possible killer.

Michael Koryta - Rise The Dark: those who like novels sporting a touch of the supernatural, and characters who are willing to make momentous sacrifices for the greater good, will enjoy this novel.

Michael Koryta - So Cold the River: suspenseful, mysterious, and well-written story

Michael Koryta - The Cypress House: Supernatural mystery. Once it gets to you, it is hard to put down.

Michael Koryta - The Prophet: a must read for Koryta fans and mystery lovers

Michael Koryta - The Ridge: set deep in the Kentucky woods where mysterious happenings surround a misplaced lighthouse

Camilla Lackberg - The Hidden Child: Much less a mystery than a novel about various people in a Swedish village.

Harriet Lane - Her: A Novel: Her is well written. It draws you in and carries you along. You want to discover the truths that are hidden within the pages. The problem is, they are hidden too well.

John Lange - Zero Cool: Convoluted story about an innocent guy being chased by three different bad guys for an emerald.

Richard Lange - The Smack: The Smack by Richard Lange is everything you want in fun thriller.

Leslie Langtry - Scuse Me While I Kill This Guy: Contract killer mom must deal with upcoming family reunion and contractual obligations in very funny mystery romance.

Joe R. Lansdale - Rusty Puppy: Joe R. Lansdale is an engaging story-teller with a smooth and easy style that puts the reader at ease with his characters by making them real, flaws and all. Hap and Leonard definitely have personalities. The dry wit and smart aleck banter between them is imaginative and entertaining.

Joe R. Lansdale - The Thicket: a very interesting and entertaining adventure

John le Carre - The Mission Song: John le Carre thriller novel about an interpreter.

Dennis Lehane - Moonlight Mile: Back after an 11-year hiatus in the series Lehane is rusty but good.

Donna Leon - Death at La Fenice - A Commissario Brunetti Mystery: Good first in series with weak ending

Douglas Preston Lincoln Child - Cemetery Dance - A Pendergast Mystery: The zombi did it in this lesser Pendergast mystery novel.

Douglas Preston Lincoln Child - Cold Vengeance - A Pendergast Novel: Perhaps reading the recommended Fever Dream first would help, but this reader is not convinced.

Douglas Preston Lincoln Child - Crimson Shore - A Pendergast Novel: Cask of Amontillado meets Hounds of the Baskerville and Salem witch trials in entertaining fifteenth Pendergast novel.

Douglas Preston Lincoln Child - Fever Dream - A Pendergast mystery: Very good thriller, less weird than the usual Preston & Child novel

Douglas Preston Lincoln Child - Gideon s Sword: Very good first thriller in new Preston Child series

Douglas Preston Lincoln Child - The Book Of The Dead: Good thriller, better if you have read the first two books in the series.

Douglas Preston Lincoln Child - The Monster of Florence: Superb investigative novel of a real life serial killer.

Douglas Preston Lincoln Child - The Obsidian Chamber - A Pendergast Mystery: Descriptive and very well written, The Obsidian Chamber contains everything you would want in an engaging novel: Adventure, excitement, suspense, love, lust and rivalry, set against a backdrop of mystery and an intriguing premise about life.

Douglas Preston Lincoln Child - The Wheel of Darkness: Agent Pendergast thriller / mystery novel. Good stuff.

Douglas Preston Lincoln Child - White Fire - A Pendergast novel: thirteenth in the series. Can be read separately.Very good.

Sarah Lotz - Day Four: During a post-Christmas cruiseayoung woman is found dead, the victim of too much alcohol, or perhaps something more frightening and intentional.

Sarah Lotz - The White Road: The White Road by Sarah Lotz is very enjoyable, and highly recommended.

Lisa Lutz - The Spellman Files: Very light on mystery decent beach fodder

Malcolm Mackay - How a Gunman Says Goodbye : Procedural from the criminal point of view about what happens when a hitman messes up.

Adrian Magson - Death on the Marais: First in very good series about Inspector in sixties rural France.

Adrian Magson - Death on the Rive Nord: Very enjoyable Maigret like mystery set in sixties rural France

Margaret Maron - Death's Half Acre: Needs to be weeded out.

Margaret Maron - Take Out: Billed as a stand-alone novel, Take Out marks the final, although not chronological episode of Margaret Maron s mystery series featuring Detective Sigrid Harald. The 1990s time line takes us between Maron s previous books, Fugitive Colors and Three-Day Town.

Mike Martin - The Body on the T: Very good second mystery in series. A great, light read.

Mike Martin - The Walker On The Cape: When Elias Martin drops dead on his favourite walking route it looks like a heart attack but a closer looks puts Sergeant Winston Windflower and his Constable with the unlikely name of Eddie Tizzard into full investigation mode.

Jamie Mason - Three Graves Full: Last third of this mystery is excellent but getting there is not.

Elena Mauli Shapiro - In The Red: Touted as a “darkly erotic novel about a good girl gone bad” this reader did not enjoy this book as much as anticipated.

Archer Mayor - Chat - A Joe Gunther Mystery: One of the good ones in this series

Archer Mayor - Gatekeeper - A Joe Gunther Mystery: A frustrating book.

Archer Mayor - St. Alban's Fire - A Joe Gunther Mystery: A pretty good Archer Mayor mystery featuring Joe Gunther

Archer Mayor - The Second Mouse - A Joe Gunther Mystery: 2006 Joe Gunther mystery features Archer Mayor 's usual strength and weaknesses.

Archer Mayor - The Sniper's Wife - A Joe Gunther Mystery (sort of): An interesting novel different from others by the author

Ed McBain - See Them Die - An 87th Precinct Mystery: A very minor McBain mystery

Alexander McCall Smith - The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency: A special and very good read.

Val McDermid - The Grave Tattoo: Wordsworth, murder and Fletcher Christian. How could they all come together?

Hope McIntyre - How To Marry A Ghost: Those wishing for a linear, detective type novel should give this one a pass.

Eugene Meese - A Magpie's Smile: Canadian mystery novel is so-so

Brad Meltzer - The Book of Lies: An old biblical message is hidden in the first Superman comic.

Brad Meltzer - The Fifth Assassin: Having watched a few episodes of Brad Meltzer s Decoded, when The Fifth Assassin came up for review I was curious if the man could write. I was not disappointed.

Brad Meltzer - The Mystery Box: A very good collection of 21 mysteries by the likes of Jan Burke, Laura Lippman, and Tom Rob Smith.

Deon Meyer - Dead At Daybreak: Unusual and totally different mystery novel.

Deon Meyer - Dead Before Dying: Mat Joubert is not your usual police detective and much closer to your tortured ex-cop turned gumshoe.

Deon Meyer - Devil's Peak: Fourth mystery by this Afrikaans writer, Excellent stuff.

Deon Meyer - Devil's Peak - Review 2: Great mystery author from South Africa

Rosemary and Larry Mild - Cry Ohana: An okay mystery set in Hawaii

Denise Mina - The Dead Hour: Journalist uncovers mystery

Adam Mitzner - A Case of Redemption: The plot evolves a bit too gradually for this reader, but once it reaches its tipping point, the story draws the reader in with its unexpected twists and greater complexity.

Adam Mitzner - A Conflict Of Interest: Excellent debut novel and legal thriller

Adam Mitzner - Losing Faith: Losing Faith takes a different approach from most legal thrillers. Aaron Littman, one of the legal world s best, is caught in a web of deceit that places him dead centre in a murder investigation.

Adam Mitzner - The Girl From Home: The Girl from Home is a tight well written suspense drama. A good thinking person s novel, it is definitely worth the read.

Richard Montanari - The Doll Maker: Killers leave doll replica of their previous victim with their next one. Byrne and Balzano investigage

Richard Montanari - The Stolen Ones: Exciting from the get-go, The Stolen Ones is a complicated and intriguing mystery

David Morrell - Long Lost: David Morrell's story of Brad Denning's family being kidnapped by someone posing as his long lost brother (or is it in fact his long lost brother?) is less than riveting.

Walter Mosley - Blonde Faith - A Different Review: The tenth Easy Rawlins mystery. The man's hurtin'

Walter Mosley - Blonde Faith - The Rebel's Yell: When you combine Camus with Hammett the result is a great read that is literary and philosophically engaging.

Walter Mosley - Blonde Faith Audio Book: 10th Easy Rawlins mystery much better as an audio book.

Walter Mosley - Down the River Unto the Sea: The author of the Easy Rawlins series introduces a new character and a new environment; readers will enjoy both.

Walter Mosley - Fear Of The Dark: Great, lyrical mystery novel about Fearless Jones and Paris Minton

Jo Nesbo - Nemesis - A Harry Hole Mystery: Excellent Norwegian mystery novel.

Jo Nesbo - The Thirst - A Harry Hole Mystery: How do you bring a famous detective out of retirement? Jo Nesbo faces that conondrum in the eleventh Harry Hole (pronounced Hoo-leh) mystery The Thirst.

Elle Newmark - The Chef s Apprentice: Mystery set in Renaissance Venice.

Claire North - Touch: a writer who is very good at novelty and evocative descriptions. That being said, Touch would have been more enjoyable for this reader if it contained a smoother flow

Gerard O Donovan - The Priest: Plodding mystery with too many red herrings.

Regina O Melveny - The Book of Madness and Cures: An easy, relaxing read, The Book of Madness and Cures is really about the journey and not the destination.

Karen Olson - Sacred Cows: Very good first mystery novel

Steve Paciente - Bootlicker: Man wants to become first Black senator from South Carolina but has skeletons.

Robert B. Parker (1905-1955) - Passport to Peril: Good Cold War thriller, perfect beach / airport fodder

Robert B. Parker - Blue Screen - A Sunny Randall Mystery: Very ordinary Sunny Randall mystery with stupid ending.

Robert B. Parker - Cold Service - A Spenser Mystery: A little less than a Spenser novel should be.

Robert B. Parker - Double Play: Double Play, a suspense built around the story of baseball great Jackie Robinson

Robert B. Parker - High Profile - A Jesse Stone Mystery: Readable? Yes. Believable? Hmmm.

Robert B. Parker - High Profile - A Jesse Stone Mystery: Banal mystery by writer who puts out too much.

Robert B. Parker - Hundred-Dollar Baby - A Spenser Mystery: A dreadful Spenser mystery. A waste of time and money

Robert B. Parker - Melancholy Baby - A Sunny Randall Mystery: An entertaining whodunit.

Robert B. Parker - Night and Day - A Jesse Stone Mystery: Good read and toss kind of mystery.

Robert B. Parker - Painted Ladies - A Spenser Novel: 39th Spenser and as ordinary as the last 12 or so

Robert B. Parker - Rough Weather - A Spenser Mystery: Decent enough for a later Spenser.

Robert B. Parker - School Days - A Spenser Mystery: One of the better Spenser mystery novels. No Hawk, no Silverman.

Robert B. Parker - Sea Change - A Jesse Stone Mystery: The fifth Jesse Stone novel and a solid read.

Robert B. Parker - Spare Change - A Sunny Randall Mystery: Sunny Randall and her dad team up to find a serial killer. Not a bad novel.

James Patterson - 12th of Never - Women s Murder Club Mystery: Easily read over a two day period, 12th of Never is a Women s Murder Club mystery

James Patterson - 15th Affair - A Women s Murder Club Mystery: a gripping and exciting mystery from the start

James Patterson - Cross - An Alex Cross Novel: The latest Alex Cross mystery by James Patterson. Excellent except for the ending.

James Patterson - Cross Justice - An Alex Cross Mystery: Cros goes home in a thriller that left me cross.

James Patterson - Double Cross - An Alex Cross Mystery: a strong, addictive page turner. a mystery novel definitely worth the trip to the book store.

James Patterson - Guilty Wives - Patterson & David Ellis: is an often intense, always interesting escape that is hard to put down

James Patterson - I, Alex Cross: This case hits close to home for Alex Cross

James Patterson - Judge & Jury: Great mystery novel that keeps you interested all the way through.

James Patterson - Private Berlin - Patterson and Mark Sullivan: Not for the faint of heart and described as “spectacularly violent”,

James Patterson - Step On A Crack: Excellent thriller. Easy read, hard to put down.

James Patterson - The Murder of King Tut - with Martin Dugard: Patterson's take on the subject will entertain most.

James Patterson - The Postcard Killers with Lisa Marklund: A very good mystery novel

James Patterson - Toys: Action action action in SF novel

James Patterson - Woman of God - with Maxine Paetro: It is Easter Sunday. Amidst great stirrings and controversy, a new pope is about to be chosen. The rumour is, she could be a woman.

James Patterson - You've Been Warned James Patterson and Howard Roughan: Read the review and you've been warned.

Eliot Pattison - Mandarin Gate: When a suicide and a triple homicide all occur within a short time frame on Inspector Shans watch as ditch inspector there is no choice but to pursue the truth.

George Pelecanos - A Firing Offense - a Nick Stefanos novel: First of three Nick Stefanos novels from the early nineties now back in print

George Pelecanos - Drama City: A definite page turner.

George Pelecanos - The Cut - A Spero Lucas novel: cold, average-paced, sometimes raw and unpredictable thriller

George Pelecanos - The Double - A Spero Lucas novel: second in the series and quite good

George Pelecanos - The Night Gardener: Good mystery novel though not the author's best.

Lisa Pell - Who s Your Daddy, Baby? A Quirky Paternity Mystery With a Facebook Twist: Where whodunnit takes on an entirely different meaning,

Louise Penny - Fatal Grace - A Three Pines Mystery: For those who think Matlock is too complicated

Raymond C. Perkins Jr. - The Mystery of hte Haunted Opera House: Exciting and suspenseful, The Mystery of the Haunted Opera House is a great adventure novel for pre- and early teens.

Raymond C. Perkins Jr. - The Mystery of the Brick Kingdom: The Mystery of the Brick Kingdom captures the exuberance of youth, and is a great book for an early teen audience.

Raymond C. Perkins Jr. - The Mystery of the Silver Statue: An engaging, enjoyable read directed towards a youth audience

Thomas Perry - Vanishing Act - A Jane Whitefield Mystery: The first in the Jane Whitefield mysteries, a series Perry should have continued.

Robert Pobi - Bloodman (aka Eye of the Storm): This thriller should come with a halogen nightlight.

Robert Pobi - Harvest (Canadian title): Detective looks for particularly macabre serial killer in solid thriller.

Jeff Povey - The Serial Killers Club: this mystery novel is a fun light summer vacation read

Tom Powers - Virgin With Butterflies: Quirky Perils of Pauline sans perils kind of novel.

Philip Pullman - The Ruby in the Smoke: Sally Lockhart's father dies in a tragic shipwreck in the Far East - then she receives a warning about the Seven Blessings. Soon Sally's world starts to unravel and it is all she can do just to stay alive.

Matthew Quirk - Dead Man Switch: an easy to read thriller. Someone is targeting Special Ops agents and only John Hayes can stop killer.

Ian Rankin - Bleeding Hearts: An assassin is set up on a hit and investigates who set him up

Ian Rankin - Blood Hunt: Rankin can do better but this is still a good read.

Ian Rankin - Even Dogs in the Wild - A Rebus Mystery: A recently retired Rebus gets pulled into the investigation of a series of killings.

Ian Rankin - The Naming Of The Dead - Inspector Rebus: DI John Rebus is called out of the station to investigate the appearance of a piece of clothing of a murder suspect only to discover that there may be more murders than just the one he is investigating

Cornelia Read - The Crazy School:

Christopher Reich - The Devil's Banker: Accountant Adam Chapel tracks down the killers of 4 of his team.

Kathy Reichs - Bones Never Lie: Tempre Brennan looks into the 2007 murder of a twelve-year-old and it echoes another case.

Matt Richtel - Hooked: A thriller about the sinister side of the internet.

Peter Robinson - Wednesday s Child: If you are looking for a good solid read that is more challenging than a cozy and focused on characters as much as the whodunit. Wednesday s Child and Peter Robinson s Inspector Banks series is an excellent bet.

Michael Robotham - The Secrets She Keeps: An exciting page-turner that draws us into the lives and minds of two expecting women. We can feel their pain and understand their motivation to keep secrets and maintain facades.

Michael Robotham - Watching You:

James Rollins - Amazonia: A book that will hold your attention - a lighting fast read.

James Rollins - Black Order: A Sigma Force Novel: Painter Crowe is trapped in the Himalayas, Grayson Pierce botches a simple surveillance in Europe and Nazis are once again threatening the world.

James Rollins - Deep Fathom: An ancient civilization, a solar flare, an eclipse all combine to create the impending doom of the Earth. A lightning quick read.

James Rollins - Map Of Bones: A mass murder at the Cathedral of Cologne is the preface to an adventure which hold the very fate of humanity in the balance.

James Rollins - Sandstorm: A Sigma Force Novel: Painter Crowe is off to investigate an explosion at the London museum as it may point the way to the most important energy source of all time.

Karen Rose - Kill For Me: Susannah Vartanian returns to Georgia in the wake of her brother Simon's death only to discover that his horror was only the tip of the iceberg.

Karen Rose - Scream For Me: When Alex Fallon is called back to Dutton to care for the daughter of her missing step sister a series of chilling murders start to take place and they are all reminiscent of her sister's death thirteen years before.

David Rosenfelt - Dog Tags: Lawyer Andy Carpenter tries to save dog thus help owner in unimpressive mystery novel

David Rosenfelt - Play Dead: Dog can prove man in prison is innocent. A pretty good mystery novel.

David Rotenberg - The Placebo Effect: Superb original mystery with a new recipe

Garry Ryan - A Hummingbird Dance: Gay mystery novels with more gay characters than there are at a gay wedding.

Sandy Frances Duncan and George Szanto - Always Kiss the Corpse on Whidbey Island: Less a mystery than a so what novel.

A.D. Scott - Beneath The Abbey Wall: Interesting mystery but it could have been tighter.

Alice Sebold - The Almost Moon: At once beautiful and horrifying, The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold is an engrossing and mesmerizing book

Laurence Shames - Florida Straits: Enjoyable lightweight crime caper

Vivian Shaw - Strange Practice: Dr. Greta Helsing is a London physician who takes care of things that go bump in the night: vampires, ghouls, mummies, and other supernatural beings.

William Shaw - She s Leaving Home: Although She s Leaving Home contained elements necessary for a good thriller, this reader did not warm up to the book.

Jeff Shelby - Liquid Smoke - A Noah Braddock Mystery: Third in the series makes you want to read the others

James Siegel - Deceit: Wait for the paperback for this mystery novel.

James Siegel - Deceit Audio Book Version: Disgraced journalistg comes across story of a life time. Better as an audio book mystery.

Daniel Silva - A Death In Vienna: Gabriel Allon goes Nazi hunting when the head of the war crimes investigation office in Vienna is nearly killed when the offices are blown up. What follows is an old story but a compelling one.

Daniel Silva - The Kill Artist: Torn between a life of quiet and a life of service Gabriel Allon must decide if he really wants to return to the spy game to get the man who killed his two children.

Jessica Simon - From Ice to Ashes: Terrorist infiltrates the Yukon Arctic Ultra in very good thriller

Sean Slater - Snakes & Ladders: Not for the faint of heart, Snakes and Ladders is a very well done mystery

Tom Rob Smith - Child 44: Superb mystery set in Stalinist Russia

Tom Rob Smith - The Farm: The Farm is strong and well written. It is definitely recommended as a very good read.

Jo Spain - With Our Blessing: With Our Blessing is a dark and somewhat claustrophobic cozy set in a convent operated by nuns who once ran a Magdalene laundry.

Mickey Spillane - Dead Street: The latest and not the last mystery by Mickey Spillane who died in 2006

Cath Staincliffe - The Silence Between Breaths: cannot say that The Silence Between Breaths is enjoyable, in an uplifting, entertaining kind of way, but it definitely makes you think. It is written in a straightforward, uncomplicated and intentional manner, but the resulting emotional undertow can be intense.

Daniel Stashower - The Dime Museum Murders - The Harry Houdini Mysteries: Houdini and his brother Dash in a Holmes style adventure. Quite fun

Daniel Stashower - The Floating Lady Murders - Harry Houdini Mysteries: very nice mystery novel

James Swain - Grift Sense & The Tony Valentine Mystery Series: Mystery series set in the world of poker, gambling, and Las Vegas

Leonie Swann - Three Bags Full - A Sheep Detective Story: Very enjoyable and original

Duane Swierczynski - Fun & Games: Very good noir-ish thriller with original story and characters.

Duane Swierczynski - Hell & Gone: Uneven second book in trilogy.

David Swinson - The Second Girl: Ex-cop with a habit ends up having to find missing girl. A good thriller.

Robert K. Tanenbaum - Bad Faith: Bad Faith perhaps, is better than no faith at all, but some may beg to differ.

Danny Tobey - The Faculty Club: If you like a big dose of fantasy with your mystery.

S.K. Tremayne - The Ice Twins: One of the Moorcroft s twin daughter died, but which one?

Gayle Trent - Murder Takes The Cake: a deliciously sweet first-in-a-series mystery novel

Carla Valentine - Past Mortems - Life and Death Past Mortuary Doors: Valentine biographically takes you through the various steps to becoming a pathologist a history of the profession,a couple of embarassing or touching moments, the morgue, and shares a few somewhat gruesome but oh so interesting inside stories about the process of organ removal to how pathologists also help make the dead for viewing and the tricks of the trade

Eric Van Lustbader - The Bourne Sanction: World peace is under threat from modern day Nazis and only Jason Bourne can save the day in this sixth installment of the Bourne saga by Eric Van Lustbader.

Vince Flynn - Act Of Treason: An attempted assassination leads to massive amount of butt covering and finger pointing in Washington as Mitch Rabb cuts to the chase and tracks down the culprit.

Vince Van Patten and Robert J. Randisi - The Picasso Flop: very good poker mystery novel. Original and fun to read

Nury Vittachi - The Feng Shui Detective: Fun short mystery stories set in Singapore.

Joseph Wambaugh - Hollywood Crows: Often a trial to continue, this was not a book that demanded constant attention by exploding with excitement or slyly drawing the reader in.

Joseph Wambaugh - Hollywood Station: After a ten-year silence, Wambaugh has a new police procedural.

Donald E. Westlake - Somebody Owes Me Money: Everybody thinks the cabbie did it in this comic Westlake mystery novel.

Donald E. Westlake - The Road to Ruin - A John Dortmunder Novel: A road to nowhere, a dead end, potholes galore, detour this one.

Reba White Williams - Restrike: too many subplots, complications, and a multitude of characters, Restrike takes on way too much, and the feel is generally disjointed.

Kate White - Hush: the initial enthusiasm for Hush waned. The book is readable, but could use some depth and tightening up

R.D. Wingfield - Frost at Christmas - A D.I. Jack Frost Investigation: TV's Frost is just as good in book form

Don Winslow - A Cool Breeze on the Underground - A Neal Carey Mystery: The first couple Neal Carey mysteries are quite good, the rest blah.

Don Winslow - Savages: Odd, cool, unusual, and great fun to read thriller

Lis Wiehl with Sebastian Stuart - The Candidate: Murder, mayhem and manipulation run rampant during a Presidential election. an exciting, suspenseful, and mufti-faceted novel.

Lis Wiehl with Sebastian Stuart - The Newsmakers: Hard to put down, The Newsmakers is a highly recommended read. It is fast-paced, exciting, and unpredictable.

Daniel Woodrell - Under the Bright Lights - The Bayou Trilogy: The first book in this series set in Louisiana is a decent read.

Stuart Woods - Orchid Blues: When a bank robbery gone wrong finds Holly's fiancee dead from a shotgun wound the tenacious chief of police of Orchid Beach goes after some of the meanest perpetrators she has ever encountered.

Stuart Woods - Run Before the Wind: The young scion of the Lee family heads to Europe to take a year off from school and meets with an adventure that will define his life forever.

Stuart Woods - The Run: Will Lee has decided to run for president of the United States but there maybe someone who doesn't want him to get there.

Stuart Woods - White Cargo: When Cat Catledge's world is all but destroyed by senseless violence on the high seas he focuses on one tiny light of hope to try and bring what is left of his family back to the U.S.A.

Roger Zelazny - The Dead Man's Brother: Only known Zelazny mystery novel to date. Pretty good

Anne Zouroudi - The Lady of Sorrows: somewhat less engaging than one had hoped.