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Mystery Books - Adam Mitzner - A Conflict Of Interest

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A Conflict of Interest
Adam Mitzner
Gallery 2011
384 pages


Intriguing, exciting, and packed with suspense, mystery, and shockers you couldn’t even imagine heading your way, A Conflict of Interest is the blockbuster debut legal thriller by New York lawyer Adam Mitzner.

The mystery begins when 35 year-old criminal attorney Alex Miller takes a case that will irrevocably change his life. Following his father’s sudden, shocking death, Alex is approached by Michael Ohlig; a man whose reputation precedes him, not only as a powerful investment broker, but as a once-close family friend whose current presence bridges an unexplained 31-year gap.

 Although his persona of cold, unreadable arrogance betrays nothing, Ohlig is in trouble. His company is being investigated by the Feds for Madoff-level securities fraud. He recruits Alex to defend him.

 Anything but dry procedural fiction, what follows is a richly layered, increasingly complex and intense psychological thriller ripe with interconnected plots of murder and ultimate betrayal, where morality, ideology, trust, and the law are tested and stretched to the breaking point, and consequences reach far.

Mitzner is fresh, inventive, and original. He has excellent skills and intuition, knowing how to build, hook, capture and surprise, and just when to inject another curve to stun and throw the reader off balance. He integrates diverse and infinitely complex flawed and relatable characters into a powerful drama, delving into their lives, their emotions, and their dark sinister motivations, making A Conflict of Interest a deliciously satisfying read.

We look forward to more from Mitzner, confident that this talented new author will prove beyond a doubt, that current performance is indeed indicative of future results.

J Curran

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